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Dynamical Systems

Things that evolve over time, can sometimes be described with differential equations or difference equations. The field of Mathematics dedicated to the study of these equations is called dynamical systems. It is in this field Christian spends most of his time.

More specifically he looks at what happens when you apply the same mapping again and again, that is, iterate a mapping f. If you think about this, and the mapping in question is analytic, you are actually in Holomorphic Dynamics.

Herman rings

Herman rings are interesting objects, which are studied in holomorphic dynamics. A Herman ring is a doubly connected maximal domain on which the dynamics are conjugate to an irrational rotation. The animation shows what happens if we change the complex structure such that the inner boundary is rotated with respect to the outer.
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Applied Mathematics

Christian has also dabbled in applied mathematics.

He is co-organizing some of the European Study Groups with Industry.

Illustrating Mathematics

A picture can give another handle to grasp a mathematical object. Often are geometric intution can lead us to results that would otherwise have escaped us.

I've written a little app, CHPlane, for investigating the dynamics of 2D continuous time systems.