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Welcome to my personal homepage

Explore the site, which includes among others a gallery of my mathematical ancestors and a mathematical story,
I am the greatest.

Watch also the webcast from the announcement of the Abel Prize, March 26, 2009: The Mathematics of Mikhael Gromov. Accompanying slides: AbelPrize-Gromov

Mathematics and the Public

Popularization of mathematics is not an easy issue. Some of my personal experiences are revealed in the article Experiences with Popularizing Mathematics.

Some articles on 
Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics
written in connection with the WMY 2000 
are available

Danish Radio P1, March 16, 2010: Ingenting-serien.
Danish Radio P1, March 30, 2010: Pi har fødselsdag.
Danish Radio P1, March 14, 2016: International Pi-dag.

Lecture in connection with the inauguration of "Danskernes Akademi" on Danish Television DR2, January 11, 2010: Rundt om uendeligheden.

Lecture in the series Science and Cocktails in Byens Lys, Christiania, Copenhagen, March 6, 2012: A World of Mathematics.

Interview in connection with a festival on "Nature and Science", Frederiksberg, May 27, 2017: Interview om Matematik i Naturen.

Mathematics as a sixth sense

If you would like to know how to remove a double twisting of a number of strings, look at Dirac's String Problem. See also a short film by F.M. Br ckler in Circus Mathematicus.