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Third European Nonlinear Oscillations Conference
3rd ENOC

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This World Wide Web (WWW) volume contains the proceedings of the conference EUROMECH, Third European Nonlinear Oscillations Conference (3rd ENOC), which took place August 8-12, 1999, at the MIDIT centre, Technical University of Denmark, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark. With these proceedings, we wish to establish a tradition of publishing conference papers in electronic form.

The European Mechanics Council has organized more than 300 Euromech Colloquia on specialized topics in mechanics. It has established also the Nonlinear Oscillations Conference Committee (ENOCC) to organize a new initiative in the form of a series of Euromech Conferences on Nonlinear Oscillations. The conferences are intended to bring together scientists working in different fields of dynamics, to exchange ideas and discuss current research trends and developments with emphasis on the interdisciplinary character of nonlinear oscillations. In this respect the 3rd ENOC continues the tradition of the twelve International Conferences on Nonlinear Oscillations (ICNO's) and the two previous ENOCs held in Hamburg 1993, and Prague 1996.

The topics of qualitative analysis of dynamical systems, bifurcation theory, and global analysis have gained much interest among mathematicians and are very important for the understanding of the phenomena observed in nonlinear systems. But just applications show that many basic problems still have to be solved. The aim of the 3rd ENOC is to discuss the new mathematical developments in the theory of nonlinear oscillations and their application in technology and scientific disciplines like mechanics, physics, chemistry, electrodynamics, and biology. The current contributions from the various fields will underline the interdisciplinary, synergetic character of nonlinear dynamics.

The 3rd ENOC proceedings are available in postscript and pdf formats. The postscript files are compressed using gzip. You can download the individual postscript papers and expand them by using the command gunzip 'filename'. In case of problems with reading the proceedings, please contact Mads Peter Sørensen on e-mail address mps@imm.dtu.dk.

The scientific committee had the following members: S.R. Bishop, F. Chernousko, J. Engelbrecht, E. Kreuzer, F. Peterka, F. Pfeiffer, G. Rega, J.P. Pascal, C. Sobczyk and H. Troger.

The local scientific committee consisted of H. True (chairman), M. Brøns, S.B. Jørgensen, M.P. Sørensen and J.J. Thomsen.

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from

Special thanks goes to Hanne M. Jensen for her indispensable secretarial assistance. We also thank Dorthe Thøgersen, Bonnie True, Sumiku Knudsen and Lene Majbritt Christensen for their help in organizing 3rd ENOC. WWW design by Torben Winther Graversen.

Last but not least we thank HRH Princess Alexandra of Denmark for being the protector of this conference.

Hans True and Mads Peter Sørensen
February 1, 2000.

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Index of Proceedings from the 3rd ENOC Conference

Two-dimensional solitary waves in media with quadratic and cubic nonlinearity
Alexander Boichuk
Nonlinear forced response of nonuniform beam with rectangular cross-section and parabolic thickness variation
Dumitru I. Caruntu
Bushes of normal modes for nonlinear mechanical systems with discrete symmetry
G.M. Chechin, V.P. Sakhnenko, M.Yu. Zekhtser, H.T. Stokes, S. Carter, and D.M. Hatch
Nonlinear structural vibrations control
Florian Dignath and Werner Schiehlen
Nonlinear dynamics in crane ship motion
Katrin Ellermann and Edwin Kreuzer
Generalized normal solution of degenerated system of equations/inequalities
V.K. Gorbunov
Rheonomic coordinate method applied to nonlinear vibration systems with hereditary elements
Katica Stevanovic Hedrih
Vectorial method, mass moments vectors and rotator vectors in nonlinear heavy gyrorotor dynamics
Katica Stevanovic Hedrih
Nonlinear oscillations in a time-optimal feedback system
Wladyslaw Hejmo
Backlash in balancing systems using approximate spring characteristics
L.E. Kollar, G. Stepan, and S.J. Hogan
Vibration impact processes in systems with viscous-elastic limiters
Grigory Panovko and Leonid Lukin
Bifurcation of coisotropic invariant tori of Hamiltonian system under perturbations of symplectic structure
Ihor Parasyuk
Dynamical joints influence of sandwich plates
Francesco Petrone, Francesca Garescì, Michele Lacagnina and Rosario Sinatra
The reduction method in the theory of Lie-algebraically integrable oscillatory Hamiltonian systems
Anatoliy K. Prykarpatsky
Interaction of two strong nonlinearities
Ladislav Pust and Ondrej Szöllös
On the boundary problem for a linear impulse system of the second order and the Green function of this linear impulse system
Tatyana Shovkoplyas
On stability of viscoelastic elements of thin-shelled constructions under aerohydrodynamic action
Petr A. Velmisov and Andrey V. Ankilov
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