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Dynamical joints influence of sandwich plates

Francesco Petronea, Francesca Garescìb, Michele Lacagninaa and Rosario Sinatrac

aIstituto di Macchine, Università di Catania, Catania, Italy

bDipartimento di Meccanica, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy

cFacolta di Ingegneria, Università di Messina, Messina, Italy


The simulation of joints in structures of sandwich panels is very important in order to obtain values of the analytical natural frequencies and mode shapes that are in accordance with the experimental values. By means of a FEM program and an experimental set for modal analysis, different assemblies of sandwich plates in aluminium, fit together with corner joints, are tested. The FEM simulation of the corner joints is made in different ways and the comparison between analytical and experimental results shows that different methodologies of simulation can be applied. Interesting results on the influence of the element set forming the joint are obtained. Moreover the non-linear behaviour of the structures due to the thickness of the adhesive in the joint is analysed.



Contact information

Francesco Petrone and Michele Lacagnina

Istituto di Macchine
Università di Catania
v .le Andrea Doria 6
95125 Catania

e-mail: fpetrone@im.ing.unict.it
e-mail: mlacagnina@im.ing.unict.it
WWW-address: http://www.cdc.unict.it

Francesca Garescì

Dipartimento di Meccanica
Politecnico di Milano
p.zza L. da Vinci 32
30133 Milano

e-mail: fgaresci@im.ing.unict.it
WWW-address: http://www.cdc.unict.it

Rosario Sinatra

Facoltà di Ingegneria
Università di Messina
Via Sperone 31
98166 Messina

e-mail: rsinatra@im.ing.unict.it
WWW-address: http://www.cdc.unict.it

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