Christian Henriksen

I'm interested in dynamical systems, and in particular holomorphic dynamics in one variable, as well as industrial mathematics. I am associate lector at Technical University of Denmark.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Technical University of Denmark
Matematiktorvet, building 303
2800 Kgs. Lyngby
phone (45) 4525 3054
fax (45) 4588 1399


I'm coorganizing a workshop in holomorphic dynamics. It will take place November 30. - December 3. 2017

You can register for the conference here:


Fall 2017 I will be teaching parts of

Herman rings

Herman rings are interesting objects, which are studied in holomorphic dynamics. A Herman ring is a doubly connected maximal domain on which the dynamics are conjugate to an irrational rotation. The animation shows what happens if we change the complex structure such that the inner boundary is rotated with respect to the outer.
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