Visual Interactive DIfferential GEOmetry

The aim of this project is to develop new teaching material for geometry and differential geometry courses which give students a chance to "see and experience" the connection between formal descriptions and derivations on the one hand, and their geometric, visual interpretation on the other.

Recent advances in computing, particularly computer graphics and the internet, should be applied to this aim. New teaching material should give students a more (inter)active, constructive and experimental point of entry to the world of geometry.


A geometric laboratory.

A DTU Technical Report covering theoretical work on Interactive Mathematics Textbooks.

Towards a proof without words.

Examples showing osculating paraboloids of a torus.

Some Java applets.

Some experiments with LiveGraphics3D.

Martin Raussen's texts on basic geometric concepts (lecture plans in Danish, lecture notes in English).

Jens Gravesen's Curves in CAGD notes.

Lisbeth Fajstrup's Maple examples (descriptions in Danish, worksheets in English).

Film Gallery

Here are some GIF animations.

Project Activities

Some Proposals for computer illustrations regarding curves,

Proposals for illustrations regarding elementary surface theory and

Proposals for illustrations regarding advanced surface theory from Martin Raussen.

Program (in Danish) of a meeting at Aalborg University (30.10.1998).

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