World Mathematical Year 2000

World Mathematical Year 2000 POSTER COMPETITION

European Mathematical Society

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The jury consisted of Bodil Branner from the Executive Committee, and Ronnie Brown, Mireille Chaleyat-Maurel and Vagn Lundsgaard Hansen (chair) from the EMS-committee on the WMY 2000.

It was a difficult task for the jury to come up with a decision. If a poster is to be both instantly attractive to a lay person, and at the same time signal an important mathematical message to a person reflecting on the poster, fruitful ideas are not particularly easy to come about. In several proposals, the graphics was attractive but the mathematical message too simple. In other proposals the depth in the mathematical content was high, but the graphics not sufficiently appealing to the general public. At the end, the jury selected three proposals which satisfied both expectations being attractive as well as carrying an important mathematical message. The recommendations by the jury were approved by the Executive Committee of the EMS at its meeting October 9-10 in Zürich. The Executive Committee expressed its satisfaction with the diversity in the submissions and by  the high degree of creativity shown by the proposers.