Department of Mathematics
Technical University of Denmark
18 - 22 August 2008

In connection with the study group a Ph.D. course Modern Methods in Industrial Mathematics is organised by the DCAMM International Graduate Research School. The course include participation in the study group, but starts four days before with lectures and course work. For more information see the course folder.

ESGI (European Study Group with Industry) is Europe's leading workshop for interaction between mathematicians and industry.

These week-long workshops have occurred annually since 1968 (previously as the Oxford Study Groups with Industry) and attract leading mathematicians to work on industrial problems.

Problem areas include those involving heat and mass transfer, fluid flow, granular materials, electric fields, financial derivative pricing and processes amenable to modelling by continuum mechanics, but there are in principle no limitations in the types of mathematics used in these workshops.

Among the Danish companies who have participated in previous Study Groups are LEGO, Novo Nordisk, Danfoss, Grundfos, DSB, etc.

For further information please contact one of the organizers:
Jens Gravesen J.Gravesen (a) mat dtu dk (+45) 4525 3064
Christian Henriksen   Christian.Henriksen (a) mat dtu dk   (+45) 4525 3054
Poul Hjorth P.G.Hjorth (a) mat dtu dk (+45) 4525 3061
Henrik G. Petersen hgp (a) mip sdu dk (+45) 6550 2324
Jens Starke J.Starke (a) mat dtu dk (+45) 4525 3060
Morten Willatzen willatzen (a) mci sdu dk (+45) 6550 1682

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