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§  S. Markvorsen: A Finsler geodesic spray paradigm for wildfire spread modelling. Accepted for publication in Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications (2015).

§  Ana Hurtado, Steen Markvorsen, and Vicente Palmer: Estimates of the first Dirichlet eigenvalue from exit time  moment spectra. To appear in Mathematische Annalen (2015). Preprint 2013: ArXiv: and (DTU Orbit)

§  Jakob Bohr and Steen Markvorsen: Autorotation. Preprint (2014).

§  Vicent Gimeno and Steen Markvorsen: Ends, fundamental tones, and capacities of minimal submanifolds via extrinsic comparison theory. Potential Analysis, May 2015, Volume 42, Issue 4, pp 749-774,  DOI.

§  Jakob Bohr and Steen Markvorsen: Ribbon Crystals. PLoS ONE 8(10) 2013: e74932. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0074932

§  S.Markvorsen: From PA(X) to RPAM(X), Chapter in book: Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics, Eds.: E. Behrends, N. Crato, and J. F. Rodrigues, pp. 255–267, Springer, 2012. (DTU Orbit)

§  M. K. Misztal, J. A. Bærentzen, F. Anton, and S. Markvorsen: Cut locus construction using deformable simplicial complexes. In Eighth International Symposium on Voronoi Diagrams in Science and Engineering (ISVD 2011), pages 134 – 141, 2011. (DTU Orbit)


§  S. Markvorsen: Consultancy work for NVB International UK Ltd (2011): Patent Pub. No.: WO/2012/146333 International Application No.: PCT/EP2012/000913; and patent Pub. No.: WO/2013/026508, International Application No.: PCT/EP2012/002792 concerning a Piston–Chamber Combination, the Van-der-Blom Motor. (

§  Ana Hurtado, S.Markvorsen, and Vicente Palmer: Comparison of exit moment spectra for extrinsic metric balls. Potential Analysis 36 (2012) 137—153 (DTU Orbit)

§  S. Markvorsen and V. Palmer: Extrinsic Isoperimetric Analysis on Submanifolds with Curvatures bounded from below. Journal of Geometric Analysis 20 (2010) 388 – 421. (DTU Orbit)


§  S. Markvorsen: Consultancy work for Budde Schou A/S, co. Henrik Sten Nielsen, concerning objections to patent EP01262708B1: [Method for refurbishing pipelines] (2009).           Selected Dissemination     Selected outreaches 
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