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This summer school will focus on numerical algorithms for bifurcation analysis of conservative, symmetric and hybrid dynamical systems. Of particular interest will be mathematical techniques for constructing sets of well-posed equations for problems with certain degeneracies and their practical implementation in existing software packages. Specific topics include the continuation of periodic orbits in conservative systems with first integrals, Hamiltonian relative periodic orbits, hybrid periodic orbits, and stable and unstable manifolds of periodic orbits of saddle-type.

This course is designed for Master and Ph.D. students. In exceptional circumstances we will accept final-year Bachelor students, who must submit a list of courses and the grades achieved together with their application.
Lecture notes.
Some of our lecturers provide notes for preliminary reading, which we recommend that every participant is familiar with before the start of the summer school. Please follow the link under the lecturer's picture below.
Grades. Pass/Fail. ECTS points: 5.
Every participant will receive a certificat of participation.
Assessment is through projects that have to be submitted not later than six weeks after the summer school closes. The estimated workload of a project is two weeks. Download a draft of the project questions.
Language. All lectures will be given in English.
[E.J. Doedel]

[C. Wulff]

[H. Dankowicz]
Eusebius Doedel
Concordia University

Claudia Wulff
University of Surrey

Harry Dankowicz
University of Illinois
lecture notes

lecture notes
Contributions from Participants and Organisers.
Please find a collection of contributed files here.
Important Deadlines.
  • March 11: first round of application for full funding closes (18 scholarships available)
  • March 18: decisions on full funding
  • March 21: application for partial funding opens (first-come first-serve, up to 22 scholarships available)
  • May 13: registration deadline
[Timetable for Summer School]
The location of the summer school including breakfast, coffee breaks and dinner is building 303. Entrance for registration and the BBQ on Sunday is 303S. All lectures will be given in lecture theatre 303 A 49. For details see the campus map.
Research Visits.
Our invited lecturers will stay at DTU for three more days after closing of the Summer School and be available for a presentation and discussion of research projects of participants. You must request a meeting in advance. Please send an e-mail to F. Schilder and indicate who you would like to talk to and how much time you would like to allocate. Time slots are very limited. Meetings will be arranged on a first-come first-serve basis.
You need to make your own arrangements for accommodation for the additional time. You may contact Kari Haugland (subject: ANBA) to check if rooms in our Campus Village are available after the summer school.
Registration will include meals as indicated in the timetable above. You need to make your own arrangements for accommodation unless you qualify for full financial support.

(incl. all fees)
Ph.D., M.Sc. and B.Sc. Students
EUR 200,-
(DCAMM fee EUR 0,- + Subsistence EUR 200)
Meals included.
We can offer a limited number of scholarships to facilitate participation, which will cover the registration fee and accommodation; see Financial Support for details and application deadlines.
Researchers at Universities
and Public Institutions
EUR 700,-
(DCAMM fee EUR 500,- + Subsistence EUR 200)
Meals included.
Industrial Employees
EUR 1700,-
(DCAMM fee EUR 1500,- + Subsistence EUR 200)
Meals included.

Register on-line here. (Registration closed.)
Financial Support.
For Ph.D.- M.Sc.- and B.Sc.- students we can offer a limited number of scholarships in order to facilitate participation. Two types of grants are available. You can only apply for one of these two grants at a time.

1. Scholarships covering Accommodation and Registration Fee. (Application closed, all scholarships awarded!)
To apply for this type of scholarship, send an e-mail to Kari Haugland (subject: ANBA) to request an application form. You will need to submit a short letter of application, your CV and a short letter of recommendation from your supervisor (plain text or PDF format). Scholarships will usually cover accommodation in Campus Village and subsistence. You may apply for further expenses, which must be very well founded. Scholarships are evaluated individually. There are two rounds of application and evaluation. The first round of application ends on March 11, and the second round on April 8. Decisions will be made within one week after closing. Scholarships which remain available after the second round will be transferred to the second funding scheme.

2. Scholarships covering Registration Fee. (Application closed, all scholarships awarded!)
These scholarships are awarded on a first-come first-serve basis on our registration web site. Application opens on March 21 after the decisions for the first round of applications for full funding have been taken.
You find a list of hotels and hostels on the web-sites Visit Copenhagen or Visit Denmark. There are youth hostels in Copenhagen as well as in Lyngby. A number of B&Bs exist in the area near DTU and offer good quality for comparably low prices, but are hard to find on-line. You may contact Lyngby's tourist information for more information (+45 45 88 66 17, info@lyngbyturistinformation.dk).

Quick links to some hostels: Danhostel (there are several in Copenhagen and one near DTU in Lyngy-Taarbaek)
Quick links to some budget hotels: Hotel CABINN City, wakeup Copenhagen, Hotel Fortunen

Please keep in mind that many tourists visit Copenhagen in June, so please reserve accommodation sufficiently early.
Location and Travel.
The summer school will be held at the Department of Mathematics at the DTU in Kgs. Lyngby, Copenhagen; see the university web site for maps. A very good web site for travel planning using local transport is Rejseplanen (languages: Deutsch, English, Dansk, click on the small flag at the bottom).

Some information on local transport and if you need to commute from Copenhagen to DTU. There are many S-trains going from Copenhagen Central Station to Lyngby Station, where you have to change and take a bus to DTU. The  travel time varies between 20 and 30 minutes, please go to Rejseplanen for details. For using local transport you should buy a Klippekort, for example, on arrival at the airport. These are valid on any local transport and have 10 fields (klips) for 2-9 zones each. Several fields can be combined for longer distances and one card may be used for several people. To give you an idea, the distance from Copenhagen to DTU is 5 zones, from the airport to DTU is 6 zones and from the airport to Copenhagen Central Station is 3 zones. So, a 5 zones Klippekort allows you to travel the distance from Copenhagen to DTU for 10 times (5 times back and fourth). You get detailed information on Rejseplanen, select the route you want to travel and click on "Pris". This will show a list of options. Prices for Klippekorts as at today (13. April 2011).
Organiser. Frank Schilder and Jens Starke.
Sponsor. Danish Center for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, DCAMM.