Pictures with Adrien Douady

Several people has sent their pictures. Scaled down, and in some cases, slightly modified version can be seen here. You can click on them to get the original files.

Add material

For posting a message about Adrien Douady theres is the guestbook. If you have pictures, sound-clips or other things you would like to share send a mail with the material or a link to Christian Henriksen.

Pictures from the eighties

Adrien in front of blackboard

Adrien by the blackboard th 20th of May, 1988

Tending the fire

Tending the fire

Pictures from the nineties

Adrien making a barbecue

The grill master, 5th June 1990

Cutting out the meat

Hubbard and Douady preparing the food.

Pictures from 2000 and onwards 

Adrien with mike
21st January 2003

Adrien by a bridge

M. Zinsmeister has sent this picture of Adrien next to a small river, 2005. There are more picture from Michel.

Fractal with Adrien
Picture by A. Cheritat for Adrien 70 years birthday conference. From the  conference web pages more pictures can be found.